Amber Gareau lent me her pot that she had brought for the feast so we can cook a snack for the pow wow club on Wednesday, otherwise I would have to drive all the way home to get ours and I had no time.

Submitted by: David Budd

Brent Twoheart is the community helper/co-facilitator for the Spirit of Peace Men’s Program. Brent went to a long time program participant’s home this week and cleaned his house as well as took him food for the week, out of his own pocket The participant Brent did this for is terminally ill without much time left.

Submitted by: Ben Dubois 

Here at 443 Spence St. we have 3 volunteers that enjoy helping out daily.
Carrington Desjarlais is enjoying helping out with our Spring Break Program for the kids.
Kelsey Desjarlais swept off our deck without being asked.
Cherise Lamirande has been washing doors and windows cause she wants to give back for the support she has received to start living a better life.

Submitted by: Ursula Summers

Since Mark Write has been at the King Street Community Gathering Place, he has been a little gem. I’ve seen how thoughtful he is, how caring he is and how welcoming he is to everyone that steps foot into Ma Mawi. Thank you Mark for your help and going above and beyond to assist staff.

I would like to send out a big thank-you to Sandy from King Street. I love watching her clean, she is amazing at what she does to keep King Site gleaming and glistening and her passion to have things just right is truly appreciated. I would also like to acknowledge her heart of gold. She is always caring for others, listening from her heart, and thinking the best in those who are around her. Thank you Sandy for all that you do and how you always go out of your way to make sure things here are tip top.

Submitted by: Tammy Nelson

Garry Richard special thanks to Garry Richard who dropped everything on short notice to attend a meeting on my behalf this week.  This allowed me to recover from my cold.  This was super helpful Garry!  Thanks so much!

Submitted by: Diane Redsky

Larry Wucherer, thanks for stepping up Larry to write a proposal so 318 Anderson can get new windows.  It was a short turnaround time for this proposal and we appreciate all the effort you made.

Submitted by: Diane Redsky

Dana Riccio, this is her last week before she takes on the huge responsibility of being the Executive Director at Wahbung.  We will miss you Dana and look forward to working with you as a sister organization!

Submitted by: Diane Redsky

This past weekend Jennifer Flett went to the states and brought me back a case of Cherry 7-Up, my favorite! Thanks Jen!  

Submitted by: Deidre Garson