Working from the Heart

Our Vision

A safe, healthy, happy and interdependent community

Our Mission

Strengthening children, families and community…
investing in our future

Our Values

  1. Honouring and living through the Seven Sacred Teachings and the Code of Honour that was developed by our young people.
  2. It is our responsibility to believe in the inherent good and gifts of community and staff members (all have goodness regardless what may first be evident).
  3. We believe in family, and take a broad and Indigenous view of family that is inclusive of extended family, community and the culture within which we thrive.
  4. We believe in and defend our children.
  5. We must care for our staff – expect loyalty and commitment, and provide the same.
  6. There is a recognition and right to Reciprocity – it is important to be able to openly ask and to give (help and resources ) amongst one another.
  7. We should always recognize and acknowledge community membership and trust in their actions.
  8. We put people before paper – community, family and staff come first in their needs, while the requirements of the systems that support us, come second.
  9. Working from HEART is our overall approach.