Cheryl Parkes was very helpful in finding a solution to hanging our Cloak for the FGC conference. She went out of her way to help me and I just wanted to let her know this was very much appreciated.

Crystal Leach is always so accommodating and willing to help. When I asked her to make the tobacco ties for the FGC conference she jumped right in without hesitation and even offered to help with buying the cloth and cut up 350 squares.

  Amber Morin, our student laminated all the cards and punched holes into them so they could be tied to the tobacco ties. Thank you, you are always so helpful!

 A huge thank you to Diane Redsky, who offered to take all of the tobacco ties to Windy Hill to put them together for our Conference.

 Val Garneau and Dustin Leach offered to help find beds for a community family in need. This family appreciates, as I do, the time and effort it takes to search and ensure the beds are of good quality.

  Tammy Walker brought me cigars from Jamaica. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Thank you for thinking of me!

  Thank you Melissa Stone for bringing me a cigar case to store my cigars.  Thank you for thinking of me!

  Jackie Anderson has  been patient and there for me through planning the FGC Conference amongst a whole lot of other things.  Thank you for your help, support and confidence in me

Submitted by: Debbie Chornoby