Last Thursday Jan 19, 2017 after our Community Lunch was over, a man came running into our building. He stated a woman needed our help as she was unconscious in the snow bank in the parking lot just off Ellice Ave and Spence St. He didn’t know her but he said he couldn’t wake her. He asked us to call 911 which staff did. He stayed with the woman and a staff member until the first responders and paramedics  came and assessed her and took her in the ambulance. He stated he tried to flag down random people and the West End Biz members but nobody offered to help him. He said he walked by and noticed her there and knew he had to help her.

After the ambulance left, our staff thanked and acknowledged him for helping and being kind to this woman. His name is Sydney Charlette.  We are very grateful this man happened to be on his way to our Care Site when he came across another community member in need.

Submitted by: Amanda McKay