I would like to submit this amazing story that was sent to me from Tammy Leask. On January 27/17 Tammy Leask was on the bus coming to the Ma Mawi Community Care Centre on McGregor when she noticed a young man that jumped on the bus. The bus driver said something to the young man and that young man stayed in front. When she got off the bus on Mountain and McGregor, she walked past the young man and noticed he was only wearing socks. Tammy was walking towards the centre to pick up her babies from the daycare and this young man walked past her. Tammy asked him “why are you only wearing socks? And where are you going?” The young man said “he had to run out of a place for safety reasons and was heading to Mamawi for help.” Tammy followed him in and Dakota Woitowicz (youth monitor) asked what was going on? Tammy asked if it was possible to find the young man some shoes? Our youth monitors Dakota , Justin Poirier, Lance Spence (a maintenance staff) and a YMCA staff pulled together to help this young man with a pair of shoes. Justin Chatted with the young man gave him some bus tokens and off he went. These staff went above and beyond a call of duty!

        Submitted by: Joanne Stranger,