Cory Gregorashuk
Resource Facilitator
445 King Street

Cory Gregorashuk has just celebrated her 14th anniversary with Ma Mawi this past June. Currently she is working as a Resource Facilitator with CLOUT and Eagle Horse Foster Care Programs. Her job is always changing in this role as the needs of the programs grow. She sees herself as an unofficial Cheerleader of our programs and our Organization.  She loves sharing with people about how wonderful Ma Mawi is and why it’s the best place to work.  She is a believer in the Learning Organization Model that Ma Mawi has adopted and share in our core values.


Where do you come from?
I am from Winnipeg but grew up in the South end of the city.  After working in the north end of Winnipeg for 14 years, I love it and its beautiful community.  It truly is my home away from home.


What inspires you?
The people I work with, both co-workers and community inspire me, but it’s my family, my parents, my incredible partner and my loving daughter that motivate me to get up every day and continue to work for the things I believe in and for a better future for our children.


What does Ma Mawi mean to you?
Ma Mawi means family.  When I did the Code of Honour training, I always talked about how we do “messy” work.  Its messy cause we lead from our hearts.  We blur the lines of a more conservative work environment and we get creative, even if it means getting our hands dirty.  We work hard for our community, we believe in our families and we celebrate one another.  I can seriously say I have grown up here.  Ma Mawi is more than a job, it’s become a part of who I am and it is a part of my family.