Team Tuesday

Fay McCorrister,
Student Support Helper
445 King Street

Fay has been with Ma Mawi for over 10 years and has recently switched positions internally. Currently her job is within the Yellow Shawl Program where she works closely with youth by providing budgeting assistance, grocery shopping, promoting regular school and work attendance, and everyday life skills. The Yellow Shawl Program is a housing program for homeless youth who are attending school or are employed.

Where do you come from? 
I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, born and raised.

What inspires you?
My children and my grandchildren Inspire me. I have the utmost grandkids that keep me very busy. Right now I am looking after two of my grandsons, and my husband, who just had a knee replacement. I have been very busy and going to work everyday, cause that is what I am all about. Doing things for every one, and helping where is needed.

What does Ma Mawi mean to you?
Ma Mawi is about helping one another, and being there for others when in need.