I would like to acknowledge Rosalyn Kemble and Nicole Hart for their Random Act of Kindness. Thank you for coming to 443 Spence Street Site for the Spring Break Holiday. They used their creativity to extremes in entertaining our community kids. The last day was a carnival with popcorn, hot dogs and drinks. They brought in a face painter and had games with prizes for the children to play.

We here at Spence Site are so grateful for Larry Wucherer. He was so kind to come out to our site and set up computer for our staff member. Thank Larry for being you!

Submitted by: Ursula Summers


While at our Full-time staff meeting the gentleman by the name of Mark Wright who volunteers at King St. jumped up and offered to escort one of my female staff to walk to the ATM as our lunch arrived and they accepted cash, not debit.

Mark ensured our young lady made it safely to the ATM on Main Street and back after withdrawing a large sum of money. Thank You Mark, we enjoy your kind heart and smiles.

Submitted by: Christine Funk


Today we had a participant come by who is currently homeless and hadn’t showered in a few days and was feeling down about it. Danielle Delaronde called the Anderson site who provided a bag of clothes for him and Will Smith took it upon himself to stop at Dollarama to buy Glen some socks and underwear. Will then took him to 90 Sinclair where he could shower and change today.

Great job all of you; he left here feeling like a million bucks 😉

Submitted by: Deidre Garson,


I would like to take a moment and acknowledge how Joan Prysiazniuk has put her heart above everything else for the Spirit of Peace Program.  She is prepared, dedicated and reliable but most importantly, she always ensures that the women in her program are taken care of. Joan has received thank you letters and affirmations letting her know how much she has impacted the lives of many women and that she is a true inspiration.  I would like to thank Joan for being a role-model AND for keeping me on my toes, when it comes to administrative duties!

I would like to thank Ben Dubois for taking on the task of arranging snack, coffee and tea for the Bear Clan on Wednesday evenings.  Food always makes its way to the heart.

Mark Wright from King Community Site- Thank you for cleaning up the yard, around 445 King. It looks remarkable and is free from litter. You show pride in your work and it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Thank you to Belinda Selkirk for taking the time out of your way to bring me a wireless key board, when I was typing in the quiet room!

Submitted by: Jacquie Leader


Thanks to the Easter Bunny (Sue Mozdzen) for dropping off treats for us.

 Submitted by: Belinda Selkirk