I asked Will Smith on Monday if any of Wi Che Win participants would come haul grandfather rocks to Windy Hill. Will volunteered himself and was a big help. He even bought me lunch.

Submitted by: David Budd


Thank you to Wally Chartrand for coming to Youth Programs Team Building Retreat and providing us with knowledge and sharing teachings with our staff. We know it was a bit of short notice, and we appreciate your time, guidance and love.

Brittany Murdock put on a community birthday celebration for Madeline Hatch our Elder and neighborhood Gramma. Madeline was so happy that Brittany put on a party with all her grandkids from Turtle Island. Thank you, Brittany for having such a big heart and taking care of our Elders in the Community.

Submitted by: Crystal Ann Leach


I would like to recognize Dawn McKay for her eagerness to help people that arrive at the King site. Her kind demeanor represents Ma Mawi in so many ways. Thanks Dawn!

Submitted by: Margaret MacKinnon


Dawn McKay has been amazing helping out where needed. In the morning I needed help with a few things for training, cutting up dainties for our shower for Kaitlyn and so much more. Thank you for all your help Dawn! Tempest Bruce for bringing muffins and coffee for me on your day off. You are so kind.

Submitted by Crystal Leach


I wanted to acknowledge Ed Ducharme today, it’s not one incident but every time we call Ed to come out to the site because something is broken or is not working he’s always there as soon as his busy schedule permits and he’s always kind and considerate to everyone, thanks Ed….

Submitted by Garry Richard


I want to nominate Melissa Stone from Little sisters. The kitchen was being fixed and we were unable to cook in it. Thank you for bringing our home lunch!

Kim Campbell, thank you for taking the time to keep the home and our girls well taken care of.

Robyn Chartrand, thank you for getting our home a beautiful dream catcher with Little Sisters beaded on it

Ed Ducharme, thank you for always coming to the home when we need you! Always kind and goes above and beyond for our home

Priscilla Robert, you inspire all staff and our youth daily. You never give up on our youth or staff. Every day you are always there for guidance and support.

Submitted by Rachelle Lazar


I wanted to acknowledge Fay McCorrister for always thinking of others and bringing yummy snacks for staff thanks fay J

Submitted by Dawn Mckay