Kim Campbell – This sweet lady gave me a purse of hers that I was dreaming of having!

It made my day!! Thank you!!

Submitted by: Pricilla Roberts


I would like to nominate Sue Mozdzen!!

Change is not easy for anyone, throughout this crazy transition (move to swan lake), Sue has been incredibly supportive of her team. Sue is always there with an ear, a hug and her heart like a supportive supervisor should be. Sue exemplifies not only role modeling but heart with service.  In this business, working from the heart is a must and without a doubt, Sue goes above and beyond for our foster parents, children and agencies we work with – the whole team can attest to the level of warmth Sue comes to work with every single day.  Sue is constantly recognizing and staying in tune with her team to provide whatever support is needed to get the job done!!

Collaborative nomination to recognize Sue from the whole EHS/ CLOUT team! Credit is due where it is deserved.

Submitted by: Jasmine Smith


Diane made some lunch at swan lake for everyone. That is our ED.

Thank you again

Submitted by: April Linklater