Blair St.Germaine, donated 2 tickets to the Jets Game to the Yellow Shawl program where two youth enjoyed watching the Jets for the first time! Thank you for your generosity Blair!
Submitted by Dana Riccio

Fay McCorrister came into the area where I am working and she needed a ride to one of the Yellow Shawl homes to open the door for the construction guys. I told her to take my vehicle and she was back in no time with a large piece of hot steaming raisin bannock wrapped in tin foil. Thank you to Joan for thinking of me and making my day. Joan is the house Mentor from Pritchard . I want to say thank you for your thoughtfulness, it was delicious and Thank you too Fay for delivering.
Submitted by: Deborah Chornoby

February 24, 2017, Roslyn Kemble and Nicole Hart-Families First Home Visitors, you guys are incredible, strong, kind, caring women who always go over and beyond to support very vulnerable women and their families in your program. I learn so much from you and thank you very much for being so generous with your teachings!
Submitted by Diane Redsky

February 23, 2017, don’t know who did this, I walked into the office and found a box of donuts at the front desk free for everyone to share. Whoever did that, THANK YOU!, I was starving at the time. (It was Ed Ducharme)
Submitted by Diane Redsky