• This week I noticed a volunteer named, Karen Millings who so kind to everyone in the Centre and very welcoming. It feels like home when she talks to you. She has one of those gifts from the seven teachings that makes you happy. People forget sometimes about the teachings and she lives by it… Respect.

Submitted by: Dakota Eischen

  • One of our volunteers, Benny Amorim has been telling me that he was going to bring Amanda and myself a surprise on Wednesday.  First thing this morning, Benny walks in with two slices of the most delicious home-made chocolate cake ever. Wow what a treat! That was so thoughtful of Benny.

Submitted by: Valerie Kemble

  • -Ed Ducharme always being there when you need him and his wonderful attitude we will always get it done, don’t worry8

-My volunteer moving helpers Alvin, Brad, Jason, John, Wailen, they gave their all and were great laughs to      work with.
-Lori Lavelle from Southern First Nations Network of Care sharing their Wi-Fi with the Ma mawi staff

-Murray Kull always there to talk me though the next task, the next dilemma, the next crisis

-Bob Greene from Swan Lake First Nations excellent to work with you and a wealth of information. Couldn’t                 have survived the move without you

Couldn’t have survived the move without you

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Cheryl parks