Brittany Murdock has been amazing leading our young people. In February, Brittany was able to attend a week-long youth conference in Toronto, Ontario with our Sacred 7 Youth Council. The youth were at the Conference as facilitators talking about Truth & Reconciliation as well as other youth issues. Brittany stayed with the youth 24 hours a day for these 5 days out in Toronto. Thank you for going above and beyond to help build the capacity of our youth in the Sacred 7 Youth Council.


Chanda Gramada was so kind to offer help when she saw my crazy “to do” list on my window. Chanda asked me to send her some tasks that she would be happy to help with. I love that the team all works together to help one another.

Submitted by: Crystal Leach


This morning Sharon Leach bought Tim Horton’s coffee and muffins for staff at Swan lake office.

Submitted by: Larry Wucherer