Angela Young for coming to King Street and spending the day helping me go through a mountain of files. Her help was greatly appreciated and her filing skills were incredible, not to mention the humor and laughs shared. Thank you, Joanne Clowes for letting me borrow her for the day, I am certain she was missed by your team.

Submitted by: Tammy Nelson

Cory Gregorashuk came to visit us with her new little man who is like a big warm blankey that you just want to hug and cuddle FOREVER! What a joy to have a beautiful baby boy come see us at the office to remind us of the value of life.  

Submitted by: Diane Redsky

 Sharon Leach, Angela Young and Jacquie Trout, you guys are superstar greeters at Headingley. It is so nice to walk in with a gazillion things on my mind to be welcomed with a beautiful smile and a heartfelt good morning or afternoon; this makes us feel very special!  Meegwetch!

Submitted by: Diane Redsky

Stewart Racette is always willing to lend a hand whenever I ask. He has shown patience and understanding while teaching me some of his awesome graphic design skills. You are the best Stewart!

Submitted by: Amber Gareau