Supporting & Rebuilding Families

The name Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata translates from Ojibway into the phrase “we all work together to help one another”.

The Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Inc. (Ma Mawi) was given birth in the fall of 1984 by committed community members who sought an Indigenous solution to supporting and rebuilding families. Since that time, Ma Mawi has worked to support families to better care for children by creating meaningful opportunities for community and family involvement. Ma Mawi believes that strengthening families is a worthy investment in the future.

Today Ma Mawi has over 50 programs, 11 sites, and 200+ staff and volunteers.

Our Programs & Sites

Our programs include community programs, youth programs, children-in-care programs as well as The Housing First Program.

  • Administrative Site – 445 King Street
  • McGregor Neighbourhood Care Site – 363 McGregor Street
  • Spence Neighbourhood Care Site – 443 Spence Avenue
  • Larsen Neighbourhood Care Site Coming Soon !!!
  • Isobel’s Place – residential care facility
  • Four Fires Lodge – residential care facility
  • Honoring the Spirit of Our Little Sisters – residential care facility
  • Windy Hill Community Learning & Wellness Centre – Hillside Beach
  • H.O.M.E. Hands of Mother Earth Rural Healing Lodge
  • We Che Win Housing First/Reunification Home – 800 Selkirk Avenue

Board of Directors

Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre is governed through an incorporated Board of Directors, comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals from the Indigenous community.

Board of Directors for the 2018-2019 Year:

  1. Tammy Christensen | Chairperson
  2. Annetta Armstrong | Vice Chairperson
  3. Jeffrey Betker | Treasurer
  4. Kayla Stubbs| Secretary
  5. Raene Fontaine | Sacred 7 Youth Council
  6. Thomas Parenteau
  7. Jason Whitford
  8. Nikketa Campbell
  9. Mary Mahler
  10. Madeline Mousseau
  11. Marcel Boulanger
  12. Thomas Parenteau
  13. Marilyne Fontaine

Annual Reports

Logo Background

30 years ago, Baptista Martin and Dorthy Monkman created the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre logo