Community of Caring Elements


Honoring community voice by creating opportunities and supporting Community Care Centre’s Neighbourhood Councils, Sacred 7 Youth Council, Board of Directors, Children in Care and regular consultations with our Indigenous community to inform and guide our services.


Community of Caring requires relationships, and relationships result in meaningful partnerships with stakeholders from government, private sector, philanthropy and our large network of sister organizations and community members. We equally value our internal relations.


The cornerstone of our approach to services that strive to build community capacity for self-care.  Increased skills and knowledge results when we build on strengths and are value-based.


Fostering leadership opportunities and affecting positive change in how the ‘systems’ deliver services to families and community (the Ma Mawi way).


Our Service Areas

Community Care

Natural gathering places for Winnipeg’s urban Indigenous community that are community driven, culturally relevant prevention and support based programs that include drop-in, emergency services, workshops, training and volunteer opportunities.

Caring for Our Relatives

Protect children and honour the sacred bond of families with their children by ensuring Indigenous children remain connected to their family and community.

Youth Development

Honours youth as the current and future generation of leaders through culture, education, recreation, empowerment, training, employment and leadership development opportunities.

Indigenous Knowledge

Returning to our Indigenous values and practices of caring for one another. Specialized programs to lead truth and reconciliation initiatives and our leadership role to support a strong sister organization network.