Supporting Winnipeg’s North End Families and Care Providers

Nagijeung Abinoojiik (Care For Our Children) Family Helpers Action Support Team (FHAST) is an Indigenous value and community-based response service to keep Winnipeg North End families together.

Nagijeung Abinoojiik’s objectives are:

  • Serve families seeking support, assistance and guidance during a time of need
  • Offer support in a non-judgemental, strength-based approach that is family centred and solution-focused
  • Support families in developing and carrying out the activities outlined in the Family Support Plan by:
    • Building awareness of community support resources, guidance, and navigation to access the resources and services
    • In-home or phone follow-up/s as per the Family Support Plan
    • Encouraging capacity for self-care
    • In-home support services i.e. light housekeeping and cooking, emergency child-care

Services include:

  • 24-Hour Family Helper Line  204-589-8528
  • Indigenous In-Home Support Services
  • Assistance in Developing a Family Support Plan
  • Referrals for Treatment Options
  • Child Welfare System Literacy
  • Caregiver Advocacy

For further information about the program Email: