We Are a Community of Caring

Community Voice: Honouring community voice by creating opportunities and supporting Community Care Centre’s Neighbourhood Councils, Sacred 7 Youth Council, Board of Directors, Children in Care and regular consultations with our Indigenous community that informs and guides our services.

Relationships: Community of Caring requires relationships and relationships result in meaningful partnerships with stakeholders from the government, private sector, philanthropy and our large network of sister organizations and community members. We equally value our internal relations.

Opportunities: is the cornerstone of our approach to services that strives to build community capacity for self-care. Increased skills and knowledge results when building on strengths and being value-based.

Leadership in Action: Fostering leadership opportunities and affecting positive change in how the ‘systems’ deliver services to families and community (the Ma Mawi way).

Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre’s strategic direction includes:

  1. Working to continually strengthen children, youth, families and community.

  2. Maintaining the values of Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata, and following the Code of Honour.

  3. Assisting in building safer communities through community-driven solutions.

  4. Protecting children and keeping families together.

  5. Providing opportunities to succeed for both community and staff.

  6. Continuing to take a leadership role with the support of strong sister organization networks.

Our Code of Honour

We tell the truth

We seek only peace

We keep our word

We stand up for what is right

We treat each other with respect

We listen with our hearts, then speak from our hearts

We support one another to follow the code

Our Vision, a safe, healthy, happy and interdependent community…

Our Mission, Strengthening children, families and community… investing in our future.

Our Values

  1. We honour and live through the Seven Sacred Teachings and the Code of Honour that was developed by our young people.
  2. We believe in the inherent good and gifts of community and staff members.
  3. We believe in family, and take a broad and Indigenous view of family that is inclusive of extended family, community and the culture within which we thrive.
  4. We believe in and defend our children.
  5. We must care for our staff with loyalty and commitment.
  6. We recognize the right to Reciprocity – it is important to be able to openly ask and receive help and resources.
  7. We should always recognize and acknowledge community members and trust in their actions.
  8. We put people before paper – community, family and staff come first, while the requirements of the systems that support us come second.
  9. We work from the HEART.

Download our Vision, Mission and Value PDF here.