Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders

Investing in Indigenous youth to thrive and become the next generation of leaders through culture, education, training, employment and leadership development opportunities. Through Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre’s Indigenous Youth Programs, young people are given the chance they need to learn, grow and share their gifts and strengths. Programs include:

  • Positive Adolescent Sexuality Support (P.A.S.S): On a request basis, youth are educated on topics such as healthy relationships, teen dating violence, birth control methods, STI/STDs, self esteem and much more. P.A.S.S also incorporates cultural teachings and focuses on the importance of educating Indigenous youth in a positive, comfortable, safe and supportive environment.
  • Positive Athletic Cultural Experience (P.A.C.E): Free recreational and cultural programming daily at Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre after-school hours to youth of all ages. Programming may include floor hockey, hip hop clubs, Pow Wow Clubs, drum groups, traditional arts and crafts, Sacred Ceremonies, Indigenous language workshops and much more.
  • Rising Sun Pow Wow Club: The Rising Sun Pow Wow Club teaches families the art of Pow Wow dance, song, drum and teachings. Traditional arts and crafts and much more are included in Pow Wow Club. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of age or experience! Healthy snacks are provided following the Pow Wow Club and locations are to be determined for this season.
  • Sacred 7 Youth Council: Participants in the Youth Programs who work together to act as the voice of community youth and make decisions to better the Ma Mawi Youth Program and community. The Youth Council meets twice a month to discuss important issues, programs and new incentives for participants and families attending Ma Mawi programs.
  • Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre: A weekly drop-in program that focuses on providing a safe and cultural environment for youth including teachings, crafts and activities to keep youth engaged and active.
  • Urban Green Team Summer Programming– Funded by the Province of Manitoba: Through Urban Green Team, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre offers summer employment to Indigenous youth between the ages of 15 and 29 to work on community projects between May and August. Employment opportunities are determined through an application and interview process.