Protecting and Strengthening Families

Caring for Our Relatives (formerly “Children In Care Programs”)  Full brochure (pdf)

The Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre cares for our families, our community, and each other by honouring traditional Indigenous knowledge and building our programs and services on a strong foundation of Indigenous values and practices. Indigenous Knowledge Keepers emphasize returning to our Seven Sacred Teachings: Love, Respect, Courage, Honestly, Wisdom, Humility and Truth to restore the balance within our families and our communities.

The goal of Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre’s Caring for Our Relatives program is to protect and strengthen families. Our Buffalo Teachings instill a sense of responsibility to protect the vulnerable by placing them at the center of the circle, surrounded by the stronger who face outwards to protect them from danger. The circle is only opened to let them out when it is safe to do so, knowing they will remain protected. Our Turtle Teachings remind us of the past, present and future; restoring the sacred bond within families means we need to understand where we learned to become parents and how this affects us today. Most importantly, we must be aware of how we embrace our role as caregivers in our family and community. The Starblanket represents our teachings about interconnections, and at the centre of the star is Creator’s eye, making sacred everything it covers and forever keeps safe. Each program within Caring for our Relatives does this in an unique way.


3 Care Home Programs (foster care)

  • CLOUT (EPR): 22 emergency beds for children 0- 8 years of age and older siblings
  • Eagle Horse Society (EPR): 25 emergency beds for children under 10 years of age
  • Ozosunon: 80 on-going beds for children and youth to 21

5 Youth Care Homes (group care)

  • Luke’s Place: 6 beds for boys 11 – 14 years of age
  • Isobel’s Place: 12 beds for pregnant girls and transgender teens 14-17 years of age
  • Circle of Care: 6 short-term beds for girls and transgender teens 13-17 years of age experiencing parent-child conflict
  • Honoring the Spirit of our Little Sisters: 6 bed specialized home for sexually exploited girls and transgender teens 13-17 years of age
  • Hands of Mother Earth: 6 bed rural healing lodge for sexually exploited girls and transgender teens 13 – 17 year of age

HONORING THE SACRED BOND (family reunification)

  • Family Group Conferencing: Indigenous-led family group decision making for the care and protection of children

YOUTH HOUSING (youth aging out)

  • Yellow Shawl: mentorship housing for youth 16-21 years of age
  • Beaver Medicine Bundle: Housing First Program for youth leaving CFS care and those age 18-29 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness

Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre develops resources directly with CFS Agencies to meet specific agency needs. 

 For more information please contact:

Phone: 204-925-6818