Phase 1 of the program will consist of a Support Mentor Model for youth with low to moderate needs and registered in the CEDA’s Pathways to Education Program located in a duplex style home, one side will be designated for three (3) female youth and the other for three (3) male youth with each having a live-in Mentor.

The goal is to expand this program in other residential settings to accommodate up to a total of 14-youth from various sister organizations. The Coordinator will implement the Phase 1 within 30-days with 6-students and 2-Mentors from CEDA Pathways to Education then will work on Phase 2 of expanding the program for another 8-youth in 2-homes over the next six months. We expect this program to be fully operational by spring 2016. Yellow Shawl: Innovative Youth Housing Program (CEDA and Ma Mawi) Page 6

The program will operate under Ma Mawi’s administration and, in conjunction with the sister organization’s Support Worker staff will provide a coordinated support approach for each youth weekdays while at the Pathways program.