Yellow Shawl: Innovative Youth Housing Program will provide support from a strength-based perspective, work in collaboration with the youth on plans and goals and assist them in problem solving life issues. Based on trust and respect, the Program will usually allow the youth to determine the extent of engagement with their Mentor keeping in mind there is an expectation for each resident to participate in case management-care planning.

Yellow Shawl: Innovative Youth Housing Program will nurture and support the youth, mentor independent living skills and create an environment of continual learning. As students grow in their abilities they will be able to increasingly contribute to the routine of the home as well as to leadership roles in the capacity of junior mentors to youth entering the Program.

Sister organizations will continue to provide daily support on an individual and program basis, ensuring students stay on track and attend school. Students can benefit from academic tutoring and as well as participation in programs to increase physical activity, skills and self-esteem.

Yellow Shawl: Innovative Youth Housing Program will also provide opportunity for the students to connect with the larger Ma Mawi family including the community site supports, as well as the youth and cultural programs where they can connect with positive peers, have opportunities to be a part of youth leadership and develop their abilities and job skills in the capacity of a volunteer. The cultural programming also offers youth the opportunity for personal support, learning and, the development of positive cultural identity and self-esteem. Yellow Shawl: Innovative Youth Housing Program (CEDA and Ma Mawi) Page 7

In keeping with the importance of family and extended family in Aboriginal culture, the Program will support the youth to make good choices regarding family and, whenever possible, to make positive connections with family.