Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata has been leading the Urban Indigenous COVID vaccination centre at 363 McGregor since the end of April 2021. The site administers over 360 doses daily and provides additional supports including food, traditional medicine, mental health supports, advocacy, post-appointment follow-ups, assistance with second dose bookings and transportation when possible.

Jackie Anderson, Team Lead for the Support Team at the vaccination centre credits the staff for the site’s success. “Everyone of those staff members come in every day, so passionate, friendly and kind,” she says. “They are doing their heart medicine work. It is not from a manual; it is from the heart. It’s truly phenomenal,” she added. 

The outpouring of feedback we’ve been receiving from the community is astounding. “We are constantly hearing stories of our community missing us. They miss coming in; they miss the relationships,” Jackie says. “And a lot of folks are very appreciative too,” she adds, explaining that they’ve received an outpouring of thank-yous from the community – some in the form of pizza, donuts and even ice cream!

Our most recent COVID response efforts have included mobile vaccine sites throughout the north end and opening the McGregor site for two Saturdays in July to accommodate individuals and families that can’t make it down during the week. New Flyer Industries even donated a bus and driver for the Saturday events on July 10 and July 17 to help community living in the north end and downtown make it to McGregor at no cost!

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A Special Thanks to our Partners and Funders:
  • Government of Manitoba
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
  • Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre of Winnipeg
  • United Way Winnipeg
  • New Flyer Industries